What You May Not Know About My Advertisers

They’re generous.  Yes, it’s true – many of them have given away their products to many of you through dkM opportunities.  And yes, many of them have their own philanthropic endeavors, whereby they donate portions of their sales to charity and/or sell free-trade items.  But there’s something even more that every one of my advertisers does:  They support Kiva.org by advertising here.

Kiva.org is an organization like no other I’ve found.  That’s because they’re not about free handouts.  They’re about giving microloans to entrepreneurs worldwide.  These entrepreneurs are committed to paying back the loands they receive to help grow their businesses.  and pay them back they do, at an astonishing 98.57%!  (I can think of a few big banks who could learn a lot from Kiva.org’s lenders!)  Once the microloan is paid back, the money can then be redirected to another entrepreneur in need, and so on.

Every month that a dkM advertiser runs an ad, a portion of that money goes directly to Kiva.org.  Since that money is reinvested over and over again, you can imagine how things will add up!

So please – be sure and visit our advertisers from time to time and get to know them.  Feel good about shopping at their online stores too, because they not only have the dkM stamp of approval, they’re good companies with giving spirits!

Come see who our advertisers have helped so far through Kiva.org!  (Or follow along through the Charitable Donations tab at the top of this page.)

Learn more about advertising on dkM.  Please contact me at themommyspot (at) gmail (dot) com to get signed on!

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