Whole Wheat Carrot Pancakes Recipe

It’s been awhile since I posted a recipe, but I recently got this one emailed to me from Don Zouras.  I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but I certainly will!  Looks delicious!  Thanks so much to Don for sharing.

I checked out Don’s blog and was pleasantly surprised to find a nice online gem to share with you too.  He focusses on gardening native plants, and he and his wife Benia have transformed their suburban yard into a haven for native species.  They call the project Native Suburbia.  I blogged about adding native plants to my own yard a few times, and it’s something I’d really love to work on more.  If you’re a gardener at all, or if you just wish you were (like me), then you should swing by the site and take a look!  Very fun!

Just make sure you come back here so you can copy down this recipe.  I’ll add it to my Recipes section (you’ll see a tab on that very top bar of my site), so you’ll be able to find this post whenever you’re ready for a good healthy breakfast of Whole Wheat Carrot Pancakes:

Whole Wheat Carrot Pancakes

This is an easy recipe for pancakes that takes you back to the days before there were mixes in a box.  It does not take much longer to make and the result is a much healthier and better tasting pancake.


1.5 cups whole wheat flour

2 teaspoons baking powder

0.25 teaspoon salt

2 eggs

1.25 cups soymilk (or milk)

2 tablespoons vegetable oil


2-3 carrots


2 bananas


1 cup blueberries


Carrot version:

Peel 2 or 3 carrots depending on size.  Place in blender with the soymilk, a couple pinches of nutmeg and .5 tsp of cinnamon.  Blend thoroughly until there are no chunks.

Banana version:

Peel 2 bananas.  Place in blender with the soymilk and .5 tsp of cinammon.  Blend thoroughly until there are no chunks.

Heat up a large griddle.  Add enough oil to your griddle to lightly coat the surface and wait for the oil to heat.

Mix all ingredients in a big bowl.

Mix batter with a whisk until thoroughly blended.  (For the blueberry version, add berries last after the batter is mixed completely.  Fold them in with a large spoon so they do not get smashed.)

Once the griddle and oil are hot, spoon batter onto the griddle in the desired size.  Flip the pancake when batter starts to bubble on top.  It should be browned.  Knowing when the other side is done just takes practice.  You can peek a little by picking up a corner after a minute or so.  Enjoy!

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