Wicked Good Scuffs are Heavenly!

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My best friend has always had a penchant for good quality things, so when my feet were in need of some exceptional slippers, I asked her what she had.  “I’ve got LL Bean slipppers – they’re Wicked Good.”  She’s hip – I am not so much.  Wicked good?  Is this some trendy new expression?  No, it’s the name LL Bean has given to their sheepskin scuffs.  My feet are always cold. I’m one of those women blessed with icicle toes, so I was anxious to give these all-natural shearling babies a shot.  One slip of the foot inside the warm and furry scuffs, and I knew I was hooked for good.  I’ve had the slippers for several weeks now, and when I’m home, they’re on my feet.

Like any good leather footwear, they stretch so I was glad I’d heeded the advice to select a pair one size too small.  While they definitely started out as a tight fit, they’re now perfectly formed to my feet, including giving me some great arch support from the wooly interior.  Comfortable?  More than I can say.  Warm?  Absolutely – so much so that I’ve taken to wearing a thin pair of socks within the slippers which ironically keeps my feet a little cooler than without the socks.  During a recent cold snap that left me chilled to the bone, I appreciated these extremely warm slippers.  While they’re not made for you southerners who get just a little chilly come evening, us northerners can bask our toes in Wicked Good comfort.  Definitely worth the $44, and since we’re only in January, I’m looking at the next several months of blustery Northerly weather with no fear, at least for my toes.   Now, if only LL Bean would make a sweatshirt out of this stuff…

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