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It’s Week 3 of our THIRTEEN Thursdays series, the group of dkM articles that shares with you a bit about the Nature series on PBS that I’ve been enjoying so much.  The most recently watched episode in our family is Wild Balkans, a look at the almost magical world of the Balkan Peninsula.  In this episode, we’re taken on a journey easily paralleled with J.R.R. Tolkien’s world in The Lord of the Rings.  As viewers are transported from the Durmitor Mountains of Monetenegro to the Danube Delta of Romania, mystical, seemingly untouched lands are opened up; forests, wetlands, deeply secluded areas which lay around the Balkans and have managed to go strangely unchanged, even in an era where so much of our natural world has been disrupted and too often diminished.

But don’t be fooled – these areas have indeed been disturbed by human presence throughout the generations, but ironically it is this that has served to keep them safe.  Much of these areas are war torn, some even containing abandoned land mines which keep humans clear of the area as the natural wilderness continues to flourish.

Wild Balkans originally aired on January 31, 2010, and can be viewed for free on PBS.org/nature or on WNET.org.  Or support the efforts of THIRTEEN by purchasing copies of this and others of the Nature series and build your family DVD library.

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