With a Little Help from my Friends – A New Blog, a New Project

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GMC-blogI’d like to call on all my dkM friends to help me out with something. Recently I was asked to build a blog for a company called General Motivation. I worked very hard setting it up, even through my recent bout of the “What-the-Heck-was-That” virus. I’ll be writing the new blog’s posts for sometime, and I thought, “Hey, why don’t I tell my blogging friends?” I know a lot of you are working moms, business owners and professionals of all kinds, so you’ll enjoy this new blog. I’d love to have you all swing by and take a look, and if you happen to own your own business, or are working in human resources or public relations, then I think you’ll really like it.  

For those who subscribe to the new blog, you’ll be able to enter all kinds of cool HR- and PR-related giveaways, not to mention read articles about things like motivating your employees, learning to read body language, and keeping yourself from (yawn) getting bored on the job. (Don’t worry – it happens to all of us at some point.)

So I guess this is my call for a little help from my friends. I’d love for the new site to succeed, and for the company to be happy with the results of the site. They’re a cool bunch of people, and I can assure any of you with a leaning towards business that you’ll be finding some worthwhile stuff there…. if I do say so myself.

Visit the General Motivation Blog here and come back to dkM to tell me what you thought!  I’d love your input.

6 thoughts on “With a Little Help from my Friends – A New Blog, a New Project

  1. Congratulations on your new site. I was reading on body language.Very interesting. But yes it is true how the person is can make a difference. They just might not always make eye contact.
    Looking forward to many new reads and updates.

    silverneon2000 at yahoo dot com

  2. I can relate to giving your employees room for creativity. Our most difficult staff member is engaged when she is asked for creative input and also takes on additional projects when there is a creative component. Perhaps that is because her usual responsibility as database co-ordinator lacks a creative component.

  3. I liked the layout, really easy to navigate but something confused me. Not in the blogroll, but the section called “Our products” there are short descriptions of the product categories but no links to a larger list or website. Would be a good spot for some since my interest got piqued and I don’t even have a company to promote (yet at least)

  4. Hi Susan. Good observation! In fact, General Motivation is working on setting up a full website, but I finished the blog before the site is ready to be released. I do believe it’ll be ready sometime this week or right after Thanksgiving, so I’ll make sure I link from that page specifically. You’re right – that would be a logical place to add a link. I’ll also be adding a nice sidebar link so people can easily find all the info. Thanks for your input everybody!
    .-= Diane´s last blog ..Tai Chi for Busy Moms – Part Two =-.

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