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Congrats go out to Joanna!  I thought her comment was great.  She said, “The Wonder Ball is genius! I learned so much from your review and from visiting their website. I learned that Detergent and chemical residue free clothing can make children less susceptible to rashes and allergies. And that The Consumer Protection Group of Omaha NE subjected the original MWI formulation to a thorough 3-week testing program in 1998. The results of testing the laundry aid were very positive. This sounds like something I would really love to use in our household of 5! Thank you for the opportunity to enter.”  Please let us know how you like the set, Joanna!

I’m the first to admit it – I’m stumped.  As you know, about 99% of the items reviewed and given away on this site are tested first before they’re given the green light for recommendation.  So when I started testing Mystic Wonder’s Complete Laundry System, the “wonder” for me was, “Will this really pass?”

Mystic Wonder is home to the Wonder Ball which is an alternative to laundry soap.  It’s a flexible plastic ball that swishes when you shake it.  Nothing comes out of the ball into the laundry.  Here’s how Mystic Wonder explains it, “There is a special frequency enhanced mineral formula in the ball. When the ball is agitated in the washing machine, there is an energy field created within the ball. It appears when the water molecules meet up with this the surface tension disperses. The water now can do the best in cleaning the fibers of any fabric. It is the water that does the cleaning. Through physics, not chemicals, you will get outstanding results.”  Sound too good to be true?  I thought so too, so I’ve been using it and only it for washing my clothes for over a month now.  I’d say I’ve done 25 loads at least – darks, lights, colors, sheets, towels, baby clothes with all matter of stuff caked on.  

I can’t understand it.  But it works.  When I read the scientific “why’s”, part of me says, “why not?”  And whether I understand it or not doesn’t seem to matter.  My clothes – all the clothes – have come out clean.  No odors, no stains.  For instance, my husband has a cologne that often clings to his clothing even after washing.  I’ve tried several different detergents, and even though they’ve cleaned effectively, there’s still a hint of cologne on his shirts.  With the Wonder Ball, there is no detectable scent left behind.  

Mild stains are removed wonderfully; tough stains still need a stain remover, but I’d say that’s pretty much the way it is with any laundry detergent.  I see no wear and tear or color fading by using these.  But probably my favorite feature is the fact that you can use this Wonder Ball for up to three years or 2,000 washes!  The Wonder Ball by itself costs $39.95, but the Laundry Ball System we’re giving away here ($49.95) also comes with two dryer balls which help clothes dry faster.  My favorite part about these: they eliminate wrinkles.  Since most of our clothes are 100% cotton around here, you can imagine the amount of ironing I’ve been getting out of.  It really makes a huge difference on ironing day.

Overall, I’m surprised and very pleased that the Wonder Ball Complete Laundry System works like it does.  Rest assured, if it didn’t work and if it wasn’t safe and natural, I wouldn’t bother writing about it.  I’m very happy to tell you the people at Mystic Wonders are giving away a Complete Laundry System to one of you! You’ll be as surprised as I am.  And the money you’ll save?  Whoa, baby!

How to enter:

1.) Just visit Mystic Wonders and tell me something you learned about the Wonder Ball.  (You may enter once a day – following entries don’t require you to answer the question.) Remember, leave an interesting comment. If I cannot contact the winner, you might be chosen instead based on your comment.

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