Last summer the editor of Networking Times magazine contacted me on Facebook.   She had been on my blog, loved it and wanted me to write an article for one of their upcoming issues on Writing: The New Social Currency.

I was so surprised and excited because I saw it as an opportunity to reach a bigger audience and help people who have avoided getting started on a blog for their business because they think they can’t write.

Your writing doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective; you just have to write! I’m one of those “throw the formalities out the window” type of people.  I like to have fun with my blog, be myself, and talk to all of you like we were sitting across the table having a glass of wine or cup of coffee and hanging out.

That was why I chose to write an article sharing 7 tips to creative writing that is fun, easy, and will get results.  And in my typical “Heather style” I couldn’t stop with just the article (I love surprising people with fun freebies.) So I also gave away a writer’s resource at the end of the post for those who needed a little help getting started.  It includes a downloadable pdf writer’s resource that includes a copywriting cheat sheet, 45 hypnotic headlines, simple writing formulas, as well as 50 things to blog about (for home based business owners and networkers) so you’ll never be stuck with writers’ block!