Want to know the secrets to building a successful home based business marketing strategy so you can reach the people who are looking for what you have to offer, grow your business and reach your 2019 goals?

As you recall in my previous post about developing a strong home based business mindset, I’m doing a series of 4 posts on the things I’ve learned in 2018 that have helped me in the areas of home based business marketing, mindset, motherhood, and money.

When I got started in my online marketing I was totally unsure of what I was doing, and I made a lot of home based business mistakes in the beginning. But, as with many things in life, when we push past our comfort zone and reach toward our goals and dreams, we can see things that we cannot see when we are playing it safe.

5 Home Based Business Marketing Lessons I Learned in 2019:

These are the 5 that stand out for me that I believe will be helpful for you in establishing your own home based business marketing plan or for helping someone new to the business establish theirs.

Home Based Business Marketing Lesson #1: Everyone Starts at the Same Scary Spot: The Beginning

This year, I learned on a deeper level than just “knowing,” that we all start somewhere. Every new blog owner has single digit visitors in the beginning. Every successful marketer starts off without having experienced any success. The only difference between you and me, and guru marketers like Ann Sieg, Mike Dillard, and Jonathan Budd are that they have more wisdom gained from having more experience than we have. They’ve tried more things, and failed more times that you and I have.

This was such an empowering lesson for me and I quickly become comfortable with the concept of pushing the boundaries with my marketing and I got really excited playing in that area just outside my comfort zone; the area that made my tummy a little fluttery, my heart beat a little faster, and my mind question if I should really be doing this.

I also learned that when I was playing in that area just outside my comfort zone, I was making progress. I embraced an attitude of “So what if I’m not perfect, who is?” and “No one gets it right all the time.”

You might think that this is more of a mindset lesson, but for me it was a marketing lesson. This new attitude made me curious to experiment with different home based business marketing strategies, just to try them out and see what worked. It made me confident in trying new things because I learned that my home based business marketing was like playing with play-dough; I could turn it into anything I wanted it to be and if i didn’t like it, so what, I could always go back and tweak it or completely reform it into something better.

Home Based Business Marketing Lesson #2:

There really is a lot of room at the top for people who take action and are focused on helping others!
I learned that home based business marketing online was pretty darned achievable if I just did what I was learning to do. Most people are exactly like who I was when I was stuck in learning mode, spinning their wheels, spending their money, and getting nowhere. It’s not hard to make progress and get from point A to point B when you take focused and consistent action and implement what you learn!

My goodness, how else would I have made it into the top 50 MLM Blogs in only 5 months after starting as a brand new blog writer? There really is lots of room at the top for people who take consistent and focused action!

The other component to this home based business marketing lesson is focusing on the needs of others. Get crystal clear on the people you help (your target market) and what you help them with (your niche).

Home Based Business Marketing Lesson #3: Practice Makes Progress

In July, I set a goal to focus on writing at least 3 blog posts each week on average. Was I perfect? Nope. But I have published over 107 posts since I started mid-year which equals about 4 posts per week. Better than my goal. Were my first posts great? Nope. But I can see continuous improvement throughout this past year.

I tried and tested different techniques of driving traffic to my blog through guest posts, video marketing, social media, tribes, articles, and email. I stayed consistent and focused on keeping a mindset of “practicing” what I was learning online.

Overall, I learned that through consistent blogging and experimenting, that pretty much everything I tried works. Some things better than others, but there is truth in the saying that, “there’s nothing wrong with your business that activity can’t fix.”

Marketing Lesson #4: Remember to BE you but it’s not ABOUT you!

This was a tough one for me. I’m kind of a private person in the sense that sharing my insecurities, struggles, and failures isn’t really high on my fun-meter. But I’ve heard a phrase from several sources to, “turn your mess into your message and your test into your testimonial.”

So, I have learned to use that as my filter when I’m considering sharing something personal in my home based business marketing messages (like this series of posts for example.) Is there someone else struggling with this or someone who could avoid a struggle if I share it?

I learned to keep in my mind, when I’m sharing my experiences, I need to do it in a way that is focused on helping others, not focused on me. This has helped me to build a community of friends and followers who really are listening to what I am sharing, instead of just seeing my tweets float down their screen.

Home Based Business Marketing Lesson #5: Get Your ASK Out There & Network!

Most importantly this year, I learned to trust and depend on others. A home based business can be a lonely place. One of the benefits of building a network marketing home based business is that you have a team to support you. But I pretty much made my journey online by myself. My upline supported and encouraged me, but they weren’t the resource for me to go to for guidance in online home based business marketing strategies.

I missed the team approach I had in my offline marketing, so I found ways to network and connect with others who were also focused on home based business marketing online. When I got stuck I sought out people who knew more about a subject than I did. I would seek out answers on the things I was unclear about and develop a relationship with the people who helped me.

I learned that connecting with other marketers through blog commenting, Facebook, tribes, videos, and Skype is priceless. Masterminding, learning from each other, encouraging each other, pushing each other with some healthy competition, and helping to drive traffic to each others content online are just a few of the benefits that will help you improve your home based business marketing results.

Overall, this was the best home based business marketing strategy I could have ever implemented.

When boiled down to the core fundamentals, there are really 2 underlying themes that are the catalysts toward a successful home based business marketing strategy, focus and consistency.

Stay tuned…I’ll be sharing what I’ve learned this year about balancing motherhood with my home based business and what I’ve learned about making money online with my home based business marketing in my next two posts.

Will you please share the top home based business marketing secrets you learned in 2018 in the comments below, and share this post with others in social media who would benefit from it too?